Phobias – Chiclephobia

I’ve had chiclephobia for years now, but never really understood the magnitude of it until very recently.  It’s starting to seriously affect my life. Especially since my new bf is a lover of the thing that gives me this extreme anxiety and I don’t know how to tell him.

Chiclephobia is the fear of chewing gum! Strange phobia to have, I know, but after Googling it, I realised I’m not alone, it’s not as rare as I thought and the great Oprah Winfrey has the same phobia.

My phobia is on a different level.. It’s really bad! I read this earlier and it made me realise how bad I am… “I’m so glad to discover I’m not the only one who is terrified of bubble or chewing gum. Although I must say I have it a bit worse than you as I even have to dodge the dried gum on streets. Hell, even writing the word gum here gives me the creeps”…. Her fear is exactly the same as mine.  The thought of touching someone’s old gum makes me gag!

My new bf loves chewing gum and just looking at him chewing makes me feel physically sick. How I didn’t throw up on him earlier today is a miracle!! I was planning on telling him when he got dropped me off home, but I was so disgusted and uncomfortable, I had to get out the car as quickly as possible.

This phobia makes social situations incredibly hard.
I hate the smell, the look (before and after), the sound of people chewing (that squidgy, smushy noise) seeing it stuck everywhere, the thought that it could be stuck to a table I’m sitting at.. In a bin near me.. Eurgh. My family aren’t allowed to have it in my presence. I go completely nuts!

I don’t tell people about it, unless they’re going to have a major role in my life, as I can’t deal with people using it as some sort of weapon against me. I’d end up in a mental institution.

The scene in Magic Mike XXL where he was chewing really upset me!

I remember when my fear started. I was in Upper school waiting to go into a class and noticed a ‘sticky’ feeling on my shoe. Upon looking down, there was just a mass of bubblegum stick to the whole bottom of my shoe. It was really thick and horrid and I managed to roll it off without touching it, but it was too late. I can now define that as the exact moment the fear started. My stomach lining is all to ready to come up just typing this down!! Eurgh!

I’m with Oprah all the way on this one, if chewing gum could be made illegal, I’d be so happy!

Can a therapist even deal with something like this? I’m pretty sure I need therapy or hypnosis.  I wonder what other peculiar phobias people have…