Gluten sensitivity and the injustice.

I realized recently that I’m sensitive to gluten. I feel like part of me should be relieved as I thought I was just putting on weight i was never going to shift.  I couldn’t understand why my stomach was constantly bloated. I honestly looked like i was carrying. The uncoolest food baby ever – literally.

I went to my doctor and explained my symptoms. I was given a blood test for coeliac disease. That came back negative. Four months later, no change, so back I went. They tried to convince me it was my IBS morphing into a new strain and it was linked to my emotional well-being. I knew i was stressed with work and there was added pressure, but I know my body! I was given tablets for the bloating and sent on my merry way,with a “Come back in eight weeks if there’s no change”

Off I went with my pills….a month later, still exactly the same. Upon doing research I realised there was such a thing as gluten sensitivity. Sounded much to me the same as coeliac disease. Perhaps it’s less painful and dehabilitaing cousin. Armed with the mantra “You have to have help yourself before anyone else will help you”, I put myself on an exclusion diet. No pasta, no rice, no bread…nothing bloody fun. I lived off quinoa and salad (bloody lucky it was the middle of the summer) for a month to see if I found a difference.

Low and behold, after my diet my swelling had gone down lots and my stomach looked like a normal, non pregnant, exercise doing stomach.

So, armed with my new knowledge, off I went back to the doctor to prove it was a gluten thing, just not serious gluten thing. I was given a pat on the back for doing my research and told to keep it up, or buy them yourself because we still won’t help you with gluten free products. I left the surgery very disappointed. I can’t eat salad during the winter…im a growing bloody woman, not a rabbit. I know it isn’t my right to have these foods and it wasn’t a serious disease as such, but it was making me feel miserable,affecting my quality of life, and I felt like no one cared. I knew I couldn’t afford to pay £2.50 for what is essentially 10 slices of bread! 

I continued to be upset by my findings, but soon realised that being gluten sensitive wasn’t the end of the world, just the beginning of a whole new change for me. I was about to embark on a journey of new foods…albeit, New, expensive ones!


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