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2016 – What’s happening

Last year I had a fair few resolutions. None of which I really thought I’d stick to, so I did said jokey one:

With the help of my now ex boyfriend, I smashed all them. Even the get fat one! This was fatness due to being ‘relationship happy’, quitting the gym and the consumption of lots wine… Oh and a sensitivity to gluten (that’s a whole other blog post!)

My more serious ones, included taking
Swimming Lessons , which I did. Paying off my credit card, which I also did and before the cut off period too. There is still a small balance on there, although, technically I paid off the existing debt. The current balance is from a Bobbi Brown treat over Christmas….it doesn’t count!!

A lot of people I know are getting on the property ladder and I’m feeling left t behind. Said people are in long term relationships, married or have children, but hey ho. My little sister is 5k into her 15k target for a deposit after saving for just 1 year. Makes ya god damn sick doesn’t it!! Another good friend is looking to buy next year. Literally everyone else I know already has their own house!

ME, on the other hand.. I’ve just moved into my 5th houseshare since living in Cardiff! I’m literally a gypsy! 😱. Finding a houseshare when you have a pet is a nightmare and I don’t want to have to do it again for a while. Plus, I discovered my bunny isn’t fond of moving about. If I had my own place, I’d never have to worry about these things. Plus, I’d get to live alone 🙌

So, my NYR is to save, save, save! I’m never going to do it in a year, but I’d like to see how much I can save without trying, per se. I don’t have the monthly constraints of my credit card repayment anymore, so I can just use that and top it up. Anything that’s left at the end of the month can go in as well.. Not that they’ll be any left, but you never know.

This bulk saving means there’ll be very little money left for random trips whenever I like, which really does make me sad, but you can’t have it all, can you?

So, I estimate that by the time I’m 36,i should own my own property. There’s a chance it’ll be the size of a garden shed, but at least it’ll be mine ❤.