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Football, sport and the nation

Jesus Christ, our society is fucked!

It’s lovely to wake up to a white wash of people moaning, complaining and giving the England football team a right good bashing. What’s wrong with people!

Why doesn’t anyone ever remember that this is what England do at every tournament.. I don’t get why people are surprised. What annoys me is how we always put them on a pedestal and expect them to play like Real Madrid and then vilify them when they lose.. I don’t even know why! Having good players doesn’t make them a good team. I know they didn’t play well, but I feel for them. Must be hard to have to go through this every time they play a tournament! We love you when you win and hate you and slate you when we lose. Lovely bit of support and encouragement there, great pack mentality!

Why is it that there is an expectancy for Iceland to be shit because it’s a small country, and England to be great because we’re oh so big?! Where’s the logic in that?

Why are we always looking for blame? We seem to love negativity and hatred here. The EU referendum has highlighted that a treat. Let’s concentrate on the positives for once.
Our football team haven’t done great things, but our rugby team have done some amazing things in Australia, and won the whole series, especially when everyone doubted them. Where’s their congratulations??🏉


They’ve changed me…


One thing I never really thought id do much is change. I know we have our own opinions on things, but unless something really drastic happen in life, I dont tend to change that much. Usually you want something or you dont, right?

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, I never really had holidays as a kid. Scrap that, I never had holidays as a kid! I had day trips away a few times, but I never had that excitement I saw my school friends having going away for two weeks over the summer. I always wanted to,  but I knew we weren’t great financially, so any hopes for that sort of thing were unrealistic.

My first proper ‘holiday’ was in Sweden and that was only for a weekend, but it involved getting on a plane and crossing water, so that was the real deal for me. My second holiday and first ever beach holiday was just three years ago. Gareth and I went to Spain. Again, big massive deal for me, id never flown that far and it was all inclusive for a week!

In my head I’ve always been happy with just having a nice holiday; a weekend, one week, two weeks here and there.  Wasn’t really fussed about anything else. Once I had a family I figured it’d be just that. Like I see other families doing, my friends do it. That’s whats normal. Id have children,  id take them on holiday,  enjoy watching them splash about in a pool, calm them down when they get all nervous about flights. I just thought I’d be the ‘family’ woman.

Well that was until I met those 4 people. The 4 people that changed me. Had it not be for them, that’s what id be thinking, working towards, achieving….children, a husband and two weeks holidays in Spain, Turkey and Greece.

First there was Emma. Then there was Rhi. A few months later, along came Martine and Justin. China, Australia,  Bahamas, Germany, New Zealand,  Prague, Korea.  There were stories, pictures, memories. Laughter, smiles and fun. They made me think, made me dare to dream. Made me wonder. Could I do it too? Do I want to do it?

Id never thought about travelling. Its not something id do, is it? If you put Carina and Travelling together it feels like the words dont match up. They feel and look weird dont they? I thought they did! Going off to the other side of the world is what other people do.

The more I think of it now, the more it intrigues, excites, scares, and fascinates me. The things I could see and do, the people id meet, the places id go. The stories I could tell, the memories id have.

Bangkok,  Thailand, Cambodia. I did plan to do Europe,  but I think if you’re going to do something,  you should do it properly.  Ideally, Id like to save Europe for my weekends away. When im with someone special. Explore new places and have someone to reminisce with.  Its occured to me that after this trip, there might not be weekends away or two weeks in Turkey! There may not even be someone special. What if I enjoy it so much that I just want to travel and explore forever. I spend the rest of my life living out of a suitcase and hopping continents. No husband,  no children, just me and the world….Only time will tell.

For now, I’m just going to enjoy the planning, the countdown and the butterflies that this little adventure is blessing me with.