Real women

I keep seeing that phrase everywhere in the media and to be honest, it pisses me off.
It’s always “real women have curves”…” real women this”… “real women that” yada yada yada”… So much bullshit. It’s no surprise people have issues with identity, health and weight with all the constant pressure to look, feel and be a certain way.

I’m a naturally slim girl, a size 8 bottom and size 10 on top, there’s not that much to me. I am however toned and carry a bit of muscle. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not butch or bulky looking, I’m probably more suited to being called athletic. My chest isn’t huge and neither is my ass, so when I hear this carry on about real women have curves (mostly alluding to their boobs, hips and thighs, the coke bottle curves), it perplexes me.

The “real women” they are usually on about are carrying a certain amount of weight in particular areas. Pictures and quotes of women with “curves” almost always come adorned with comments from larger women, who I can only assume are insecure about their weight or just enjoy having a dig, saying “Real women have curves and aren’t stick thin. Real men likes curves, only dogs like bones”…
So if you’re a woman size 14 (major generalisation from myself – I apologise to anyone offended, I have no clue what size people think “curvy” is) and under, or a man that is attracted to those such women, you’re not real!?
Get the fuck out of here! Who comes up with this shit, and more importantly, why the hell are women believing it??

Its like ‘skinny bashing’ is the new in thing. If you see a naturally slim woman, she only eats salad, or she starves herself. So people can’t be naturally skinny, and must be ill/unhealthy.

Are we as women so individually insecure in ourselves, that we need to undermine, insult and bully each other to feel better? We need to stop with the negativity and start being more positive and complimentary towards each other.

As far as I’m concerned: all women, are real women. The size of your body does not determine to either sex, if you are real or not.

Neither curvy, skinny, athletic, obese, voluptuous, muscular, anorexic, fat, or slim do it better!!
As WOMEN we should ALL be doing it better, regardless of how we look!